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Warehouse Design & Construction

AWSL team uses a right approach to deliver a solution that helps its customers improve efficiency, increase flexibility and experience operational excellence in their business.

We take up a thorough study and undertake quantitative analysis of:

Layout and design of the warehouse
Identifying most appropriate location for a new warehouse
Inventory models
Transport modelling for the entire supply chain
Making a geographic analysis for good road/rail transport network to the warehouse

After making through detailed analysis of our customers’ requirements, AWSL will provide recommendations for a range of warehouse designs, including;

Manual warehouse – with high staff levels and additional labour year on year to meet increased volumes.

Semi-automated warehouse – with sufficient technology to meet volumes, reduced staff and allowing for operational flexibility and improved safety

Fully automated warehouse – with a high level of technology, a large outlay of capital, a significant reduction in footprint, extended contract terms and extensive use of technology to replace labour functions.

Why choose AWSL for your business?

Offering design, construction and implementation services for new purpose-built facilities