Capabilities → Security


Secure systems, processes, facilities and services are all part of AWSL’s logistics solutions.

AWSL uses a fool proof system to manage any security risks, and protect its people, managed assets, equipment, customers freight and any other infrastructure.

With all the assets and goods that are stored and transported to warehouse, site security and management is paramount. AWSL follows a defined set of standards to enhance the security of the warehouse from theft, natural disasters or man-made disasters.

We protect your inventory because our business depends on the safety, security, and protection of your inventory.

  • AWSL has proper physical control & security elements in place
  • Good part numbering system
  • Simple, well-documented transaction system
  • Identify the item
  • Verify the quantity
  • Record the transaction
  • Physically execute the transaction
  • Limited access
  • Inventory is kept in a safe, secure (locked) place with limited general access
  • Well-trained workforce

Why choose AWSL for your business?

Providing secure and safe storage for everything from retail to fragile items, to high-risk and hazardous materials, and high-security items