• Storage
  • Handling
  • Port Solutions
  • Rail Terminal Solutions


AWSL manages two classes of storage

  • Dedicated Warehousing
  • Shared warehousing

Our warehouses store inventory from every segment of industry. Today our inventory include from industries like fertilizers, cement, pharma, paints, FMCG & even e-Commerce related inventory.

Pictorial representation of material storage at AWSL

Break-bulk warehouse
Our warehouses receive a single large shipment and arranges for delivery to multiple destinations

Cross-dock/Shared warehouse
We also combine inventory from multiple origins into a pre-specified assortment for a specific customer esp. retailers. This type of storage helps in saving cost for the clients.


Ensuring that Handling optimizes movement of goods continuously and efficiency

Receiving—Unloading the arriving vehicles.
In-Storage—moving goods for storage (transfer) or order selection (picking).
Shipping—verifying the order and loading the departing vehicles.

During the year 2015, AWSL handled over 40 lakhs tons of inventory

Port solutions

We have a depth of experience in specialized cargo handling when it comes to port.

Our services at ports include:

  • Loading of trucks and transportation
  • Loading and unloading of vessels
  • Cross-docking
  • Storage, handling and loading of containers
  • Bagging facilities in all our truck and container yards that are strategically located near to the ports.

Flexibility to handle a combination of domestic and EXIM cargo, as well as container and bulk cargo

Rail Terminal solutions

  • Ample facilities for Agri produce
  • Exim/Bonded Warehouse
  • General Warehouse
  • Whole-sale Market Yard
  • Rail Siding for Container Trains
  • Handling of bulk cargo through FCI
  • Dedicated siding for major clients

The company is well-positioned to exploit multiple trends in logistics such as increased trade flows, shift in cargo movement from road to rail, and demand for third party logistics services.